Understanding the Blueprint Buyer

Selling the Blueprint Buyer

So, you’re looking to increase revenue. Hey, aren’t we all?  The sales world is competitive, and when we don’t reach our goals, it becomes easy to lose steam. You’ve probably been told that you have to hear to word “no” X amount of times before you can hear yes, and never give up, and all that mumbo jumbo.

While many treat sales like a numbers game, BANK CODE founder and writer, Cheri Tree has something to say about that.

Sales is not a numbers game. It’s a people game.

That’s right, you have to get to know your prospects before you throw your pitch at them, because who they are is ultimately the deciding factor in whether or not you are going to close them. Cheri Tree designed the BANK method to help you get to know people faster. She found that there are four different personality types that are dominant in buyers: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge. While everyone has attributes of all four personality types, there is always one dominant, and you can sell to every different personality type. So, let’s take a look at how you can go about selling to a Blueprint personality.

Understanding the Blueprint Mind

Blueprints look for a lot when it comes to the person selling to them. Whether you are offering a product, an opportunity, or both, Blueprints want structure. They want to know that you’re responsible. That’s how they know they can trust you. If you’re selling them a product, they want to know exactly what they’re getting. They don’t like surprises; if you promise them the color yellow, you better deliver the color yellow.

Catering to Blueprint Thoughts

Blueprints value titles and credentials. Show them what you’ve accomplished and explain how you accomplished it. This is a great way to show them they can trust you. If you are offering an opportunity, give your Blueprints all of the information they need to know exactly how the process works, exactly what they can expect, and how they can achieve their goals.

To learn more about closing your Blueprint prospects, visit bankcode.com, and start your virtual training today.

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