Crack Your Code

Whether or not you’ve heard of the BANK method, you know that in order to connect with those around you, you should know yourself first. While you might be able to list your likes and dislikes, you might be a little blind to what actually makes you tick. That’s why using personality science and the BANK method can help you excel in areas of your life where you might feel like you’re slumping.

For that reason, taking time for self-reflection is essential to successfully connecting with others. Cracking your own code is a great way to take the first steps to boosting your relationships, both personal and professional.

BANK Method

Cheri Tree designed the BANK method to help anyone increase their sales by up to and over 300%.  Using four personality types: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge, the BANK system gets you into the minds of… anyone! That’s right! It’s not just about selling. You can use BANK for personal relationships, sales success, or connecting with your child. The BANK method is a tried and true way of connecting to those around you to help you succeed in all aspects of your life.

Personality Science

The personality science behind the BANK method is a great way to start looking at the world in a new light. Using the BANK cards to reveal what you value the most, and the best way to communicate with others (and the best way others can communicate with you) will give you the edge in your personal and professional relationships.

The BANK method is research-based. It highlights a person’s core values and gives you the opportunity to connect and communicate with everyone around you.

It’s Time to Crack Your Code

Take some time to crack your code for free, and discover what you can do with the personality science of the BANK method.

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