Numbers Game?

Get More Yesses

If you’re in sales, you’ve definitely heard that sales is a numbers game. You’ve probably been told that you have to hear the word “no” a lot before you hear the word “yes.”  If you’ve heard this, and it left you feeling disheartened about your sales success, you’ll be happy to know that not every sales professional feels this way. As a matter of fact, Cheri Tree thinks that’s a concept that is outdated and silly.

That’s because Cheri Tree uses personality science to create the ultimate sales environment to help you get more yesses.  It’s how she succeeded and increased her personal sales by over 300%, and she wants to pass that knowledge on to you.

Sales ISN’T a Numbers Game

Sales is not a numbers game. It is a people game. So… isn’t it about time you start looking at your sales success, not in the number of nos that lead to yesses, but in the way your prospects react to your sales methods?

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