Understanding the Knowledge Buyer

Selling the Knowledge Buyer

No matter what industry you’re a part of, you know that it can be difficult to reach your sales goals sometimes. You’ve probably heard coaches say that sales is a numbers game, and you have to hear the word “no” X amount of times before you hear the word “yes.”

Seems legit. Throw enough stuff at the wall and eventually something will stick, right?  Well, Cheri Tree disagrees with that. According to Cheri Tree:

Sales is not a numbers game. Sales is a people game.

Wait. What?  That’s right. You don’t have to hear “no” a thousand times before you hear “yes.”  As a matter of fact, you never have to hear “no” again… as long as you know your prospects and your clients/customers.

But doesn’t that take time? Doesn’t that make the selling process long?  Is it really worth it?

Well, Cheri Tree designed the BANK method to help you get to know people faster. She found that there are four different personality types that are dominant in buyers: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge. While every buyer has attributes of all four personalities, there is always one dominant, and you can sell to every different personality type. So, let’s take a look at how you can go about selling to a Knowledge personality.

Understanding the Knowledge Mind

The Knowledge you know is all about logic, learning, and intelligence. They value accuracy and research and development.  Knowledges also look at the big picture. They want to buy from the experts. That means that you need to be an expert on your products to show them that you’re credible. Knowledges are by far the longest sale of all of the personalities. They will have a lot of questions for you. They need time to mull things over. They need to know all of the facts before they jump in.

Catering to Knowledge Thoughts

A Knowledge is best persuaded by facts and expertise. They want to know what your company is all about before they learn what your products are all about. However, they definitely want to know what your products are all about, so make sure you know all of your facts on your product, service, or opportunity when you’re trying to sell to them. Be prepared for the intense questions that have to do with the science, history, and technology involved in creating your products.  Remember, Knowledges are your longest sale, so be patient.

To learn more about closing your Knowledge prospects, visit bankcode.com and check out Cheri Tree’s virtual training.

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