The Psychology of Sales

Sell More With Sales Psychology

When it comes to selling, we are always told that sales is a numbers game, but Cheri Tree knows that it’s not about throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Sales isn’t a numbers game at all. It’s a people game for Cheri Tree and her BANK CODE affiliates.

So, if sales is a people game, you might be asking yourself what kinds of strategies you can apply to maximize your revenue while you get all of the yesses you’re looking for in the sales game. Well, Cheri Tree can help you there.


Because sales is a people game, you have to get into the mind of your prospects. That means, it’s time to start looking at why your customers buy in order to better understand how to sell to them. The psychology of sales is the most important element to hearing all of the yesses you’re looking for from your target market. It’s all about looking at people as individuals who make purchases based on their own personalities. And that’s what Cheri Tree has perfected with the BANK method.

Prospecting With Purpose

When it comes to prospecting, you want to take a look at your target market a little more closely. You might have the demographics down to the T, but what happens when you start looking at how those demographics actually decide to make purchases?  When you really examine the decision-making process for your target market, you get a greater understanding of how to approach each individual prospect. Luckily, Cheri Tree has a solution to that problem as well. By cracking the codes of each of your individual prospects, you can determine how to best bring them to a close.

Closing More Sales

Once you have more insight into how your target market decides to make purchases, it’s time to apply the BANK method to your closes. At this point, you probably already know what your customers are looking for, but how do you get them to buy from you?  If you’ve already cracked codes, you know the best approach to selling to each individual person. That means, more sales and more revenue for you.

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