Crack Your Code

Whether or not you’ve heard of the BANK method, you know that in order to connect with those around you, you should know yourself first. While you might be able to list your likes and dislikes, you might be a little blind to what actually makes you tick. That’s why using personality science and the BANK method can help you … Read More

Sales Training Online

Online Sales Training Every great sales leader will tell you the same thing: if you want to succeed in sales, you have to train. There’s just no way around it. If you want to boost your revenue, and make a long-lasting relationship with a client or customer, you should stay on top of the latest trends, and never stop learning. … Read More

The Psychology of Sales

Sell More With Sales Psychology When it comes to selling, we are always told that sales is a numbers game, but Cheri Tree knows that it’s not about throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Sales isn’t a numbers game at all. It’s a people game for Cheri Tree and her BANK CODE affiliates. So, if sales is … Read More